Our philosophy is simple:

Wisdom grows with knowledge; so be wise and learn


PT. Sentra Intelektual Bahasa, SIB School of Language offers a wide range of courses in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin specifically catered to build confidence in using linguistic skills for children, teens and adults. Additionally, we provide customized courses to meet your ultimate training goals. We provide flexibility and convenience while you study with no unreasonable time constraints.

Unlike the traditional school, SIB School of Language goes to your business, office or home. Our mission is to take your training to you so you can learn in a convenient and relaxed environment. Classroom training is available for those who prefer to be in a classroom environment. Our qualified, trained and experienced teachers bring a professional, personable relationship into the class to maximize your training and learning investment. Our professional course books have contemporary topics that relate to daily applications and audio CDs in addition to our teacher’s cultural input.

Quality is built into our family style company to provide you with professional training in any of our many programs. Enjoy the experience of positive and fun learning in English, Bahasa Indonesia or Mandarin; bring your training needs to SIB School of Language. We appreciate your support and confidence in us.


English is the gateway to global communication and it is also essential for effective local businesses to remain competitive in many business sectors. Whether a maid, driver, security guard, high school student, college/university student, or businessperson English will allow a higher position in employment, thus earning a higher wage, thus bringing more money into the community and thus everyone is better off. Our Project Opportunity venture was based on this philosophy.

Since Indonesia is not an English Second Language country, the language barrier for foreigners is quite substantial. So, to eliminate that barrier we have developed a comprehensive Bahasa Indonesia program including the Indonesian culture providing foreigners the ability to assimilate into the Indonesian society with confidence and comfort. We here at SIB find it rewarding that by training everyone who wants to learn English or Bahasa Indonesia that their lives will be better and we played a small role in that betterment.

Mandarin has become another gateway to global communication in that many Chinese-Indonesians use Mandarin in business, it is one of the four Singaporean official languages and most Asian businesses have ties to either Hong Kong or China.

SIB School wants to assure through language education that all people have an opportunity to communicate in this country, the region and the world, and to overcome the language barriers.