One or Two Year Programs

12 to 250 Employees

3 Languages

Cost Savings

The Comprehensive Training Program (CTP) is designed for companies that need language training (English, Bahasa Indonesia or Mandarin), and have varying employee skill levels and limited personnel to fill a standard class to the maximum of 12 students (7 with Bahasa Indonesia). This one or two year program can accommodate companies of 40 to 250 employees at reasonable training investment costs.

The CTP can assure on-site training in our wide spectrum of courses and workshops at all proficiency levels based on company objectives, requirements and training goals at a reasonable monthly fee. Savings in the first year can range from 25% to 30% over individual course fees and up to 30% savings in the second year.

Dedicated teachers/trainers throughout the year will maintain consistency in overall training and assure cohesiveness within the employee training. In addition, SIB School will maintain and manage the program in partnership with HRD or Training Managers to guarantee that all objectives, goals and training requirements are pursued without disruption.

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