Learn in your office or facility without lost productivity time due to travel time or traffic jams.

The In-company program is structured based on the objectives and the needs of the company

with a schedule conducive to your company productivity.


  1. I am interested in your courses. Can you send me a proposal?
    We can send you our information package with fees in the language and course you request. We recommend that our Program Director and Management Consultant meet with you so that we can evaluate and consult on your requirements, goals and objectives of employee training. Fees and conditions could vary from the information we send, therefore a discussion is more effective. Once we know exactly what you want, we will tailor a Proposal that meets your training and financial needs.
  2. What do you do at the meeting? How long will it be?
    Once we know your requirements, goals and objectives we can consult on what courses would be best for your training needs. We will also discuss placement testing, fees and all the assessment and progress reports we provide during training. Normally the meeting is less than an hour.
  3. What language programs do you have to offer for my company?
    At this time we offer language training in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. We also offer Test Preparation Courses and Corporate Professional Skills Training.
  4. How long are your training programs?
    Stand alone courses vary from 24 hours to 50 hours, with continuing programs (General English, Conversation) are based on terms of 40 hours. We have a Comprehensive Training Program (CTP) which will aid your training needs in all areas of the language for all employees. This is ideal for companies who have 40 employees or more to train in multiple areas and multiple terms (annually) as mentioned in FAQ 3.
  5. How many people can I place in a class?
    We limit the classes from 6 to 12 people for ideal ratios for learning effectiveness; however, we can discuss larger class sizes depending on the course and other factors.
  6. Can I have training at my company location or away from the office?
    We encourage you train onsite so that you can fulfill your productivity requirements, but offsite training can be arranged.
  7. What times or days can the training be?
    We normally recommend starting no earlier than your normal business start times, but the end of day training can be any times you want. For studying outside our teaching times (8am -8pm), excessive travel time, weekends or short session times you can study with additional surcharges. This would all be in the submitted Proposal.
  8. What if I need to cancel a class?
    One of the first steps in our training with you will be to set up a schedule that you agree with. In our agreement we allow two cancellations with no loss of that session, but anything more than two cancellations will be either assessed a fee (in the agreement), lost session or the session can be made up within the agreed dates of the course.
  9. Is the teacher/trainer a native English speaker or local teacher?
    Our fees are based on our trained, qualified local teachers/trainers, but if a native English speaker is required a surcharge would be assessed. Depending on the course, we have found that a local teacher is more effective than a native English speaker especially in the area of General English, Business Writing and many Conversation Courses. Our native English speaker can come as a guest trainer to interact with the students in an activity.
  10. What other companies have you trained at or employees of other companies?
    Our website only shows a few, but if requested we can provide a full list of over a hundred different companies.