Our Private lessons arrangement offers flexibility

that will benefit you in arranging your study

during your valuable productive time.


  1. How do I sign up for a course?
    The easiest way is to email us,, or call us. We will send you an information package on your selected language with the course fees. Once you respond that you want to take the course, we will ask you details about times, days, location, etc. We will then assign your teacher and connect the two of you.
  2. Can I study in my home or office?
    Yes, you can study anywhere convenient for you; however, our only restriction is of opposite gender single adult with our teachers alone. Our policy is not having a one-on-one alone with a student of opposite gender. We do have alternatives for studying in public though, such as a café, lobby, swimming pool area or other public areas. This is for the protection of our teacher’s safety and reputation.
  3. Can I request a teacher by name?
    You can, but your location and the availability of that teacher with your schedule and location will determine if you can get your requested teacher.
  4. What if I don’t like the teacher?
    If you don’t like your teacher’s technique of teaching or for any other reason, you can request another teacher and we will assign a new one, but we will ask why in order to improve our service to you, the student.
  5. Can I study weekends, early morning or evenings?
    When we send you your information package it will detail our policies and if you want to study outside the conditions, we have surcharges to address that. For studying outside our teaching times, excessive travel time, weekends or short session times you can study within your requests with the surcharges provided if we can find a teacher to accept your conditions. We are most times successful.
  6. I travel a lot and will miss some classes. Will I lose those canceled, missed classes?
    If you arrange with your teacher ahead of time – at least 4 hours – you will not lose your session, but it will extend the duration of your course.
  7. What if I have to take a long break for holiday or a work related break? Can I get a refund?
    We have a no refund policy, but if you have to break the course, you can continue when you return. Most times, we will give you a quick refresher if the delay is very long.
  8. When do I pay for my course?
    At your first session, your teacher will present your invoice. It is due by the second lesson. The invoice has bank information for transfer of funds or you can pay cash (IDR). We do not accept credit cards, PayPal or other currencies.
  9. What if I don’t like the course or materials?
    If you don’t like your course, you can stop the course before taking the second lesson and are only obligated to pay for that first lesson. However, once you move on to the second lesson, you then accept the full course and will not be able to get a refund according to our no refund policy.
  10. I studied different languages before and received handouts. Do you have handouts or course books?
    In almost every instance you will get a course book. In Bahasa Indonesia we write our own course material in book form. In English and Mandarin we use widely accepted published books for your materials. Only if you study by the hour would you get handouts.