We Know Business Needs

Companies invest in training, are concerned about productivity

and have distinctive goals and objectives in their language training.

Our experience allows us to address all three needs.

The In-Company training ranges from 6 to 12 students (English and Mandarin) and 5 to 7 students (Bahasa Indonesia) in a class.

What we do in your In-Company Training:

  1. Provide a free consultation of your language training needs at your location.
  2. Administer a placement test, assuring your employee is proficient in skills for the selected training.
  3. Recommend programs that suit your requirements.
  4. Customize programs to suit your business needs (flexibility).
  5. Schedule training conducive to productivity.
  6. Provide two cancellations within one term, without lost of the sessions.
  7. Provide training professionally materials and trained teachers to administer your training professional with personality.
  8. Provide administrative contact and support.
  9. Assess employee progress for HR tracking.
  10. Provide a comprehensive report to your Training Manager at the end of each term.
  11. Award a certificate with certain requirements.

It you have more than 40 employees to train, it would be cost effective and more efficient to your training needs to consider our Comprehensive Training Program (CTP).