Children have the right to learn. We all have a responsibility to provide it.

They are our future. We cannot afford to lose our children, nor our future.”

- Barry S Gassert, 2009

Project Opportunity (primary project of YAYASAN KIRIT) was a vision of Barry Gassert, an American citizen, to go into the community and provide free English training to everyone from kindergarten age to adults who want to learn English. The goal is to give everyone who is interested an opportunity to learn English – free of charge – using qualified and trained teachers, both local and native speakers.

yayasan kirit

On 2 February 2009 the Project Opportunity - Cipete Utara English program began with 85 students and in a short period of three months had grown to 450 students, 30 classes from Kindergarten to Adult, with 300 on the waiting list.

The program had grown beyond financial capability and unfortunately had to be trimmed down to 30 kids, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade children on Sunday mornings. Funds are still urgently needed!

The curriculum and materials are multi-leveled: Students start at a beginner level and can achieve a high-intermediate level over the course of the program. The focus is to build confidence in speaking while gaining listening, reading and writing skills. The materials used are Longman’s Super Tots, Super Kids, Side by Side and Pearson-Longman’s New Opportunities series; the same materials used by SIB School of Language.

For further details of class categories or if you have an interest in volunteering, donating or sponsoring, please contact us.

With donations and sponsorship this project – Project Opportunity – can once again provide free English language studies to possibly a thousand children and adults who could not otherwise afford such an educational opportunity in any community.