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About Us

Eliminate the language barrier of communication.

PT. Sentra Intelektual Bahasa, SIB School of Language offers a wide range of courses in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin specifically catered to build confidence in using linguistic skills for children, teens and adults. Additionally, we provide customized courses to meet your ultimate training goals. We provide flexibility and convenience while you study with no unreasonable time constraints.

Why Chose Us?

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Us


No Loss of Sessions or Hours! Travels, meetings, holidays happen all the time. Cancellations can be rescheduled with your teacher.


Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere! Online and/or face to face sessions. No time constraints. No hassle. No traffic. Arrange lessons for yourself, with your colleague(s), friends, family or company based on your preferences. We come to you!

Builds Your Confidence

Our language training programs will strengthen your language skills to overcome your shyness and nervousness.

Customize to your needs

You can Mix & Match or Create a Course to fit your personal or company needs if our current courses don’t fit your goals or objectives.

Available for ALL Ages

We teach from Toddlers to Adults

Experienced Teachers

Since 2006, during our experience in the Language training business, our qualified and trained teachers have taught thousands of students.


What clients say about us

Dave Bedford Consultant at PT FinansIndo

… attentive, responsive and also fun. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs to hone their language skills…

David Sasmita Talent Development Specialist

… great English training service. … teachers [are] true professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Shindu Primandika Student

SIB School encouraged and boosted my confidence to talk, not only with my teacher, but with other English speaking people. It has helped me speak with foreigners.

Dr. Frank van Lerven Financial planner CFP(r) and Coach

SIB School provides excellent language courses, for a good price, at a great location. Students will be very pleased with the education provided.

Kathrin Aitken Bahasa Indonesia student

I started with the Beginner 2 program. Before that I used an app to learn Indonesian but the courses of SIB school helped me a lot more to improve my bahasa skills. The weekly sessions with my teacher are very insightful and I am gaining knowledge from a native speaker. Now I can have short conversations with taxi drivers for example.

Cho Myong Hyon Bahasa Indonesia student

The course made me can speak Bahasa Indonesia with my friends.

Ms. Jung Bahasa Indonesia student

This course helped me to have basic conversations with Indonesians as quickly as possible and with correct grammar.

Christian Ploner Bahasa Indonesia student

Helps me to get in contact with locals and for daily tasks like shopping, dining, etc.

Silvia Colabruni IELTS Student

I needed a high IELTS band to work in Italy. SIB School gave me confidence, structure, strong conversation and listening skills, and stronger grammar. My final IELTS band was amazing and I landed a great job in Italy because of my English. I definitely recommend SIB School for English learning.